Freyday – Westies!

November 8, 2013

Happy Freyday y’all!!  Eric and I have been back now for 4 weeks from our amazing Around the World Trip and I know I still have photos from New Zealand and Australia to show….but today, I’m excited to say Happy Birthday to my fur baby!! Kayla is 9 years old today….and her new bestie and fur-cousin Kylie just turned 6 the other day!  I’m such a dog lover, and although we didn’t celebrate (I actually left Kayla again to head to Bakersfield for Kelley & Andrew’s wedding this weekend!) Kayla and I are back on good terms!  For those who follow me on Instagram, I showed a photo of her hiding from me.  It took about 3 days after we got back to Austin for her to come near me and stop running away.  So for those of you who say dogs don’t know time (ERIC!) she knew I’d left her for 3 months.  She knew and she was not happy!  So….we’re back to being friends and I got a sweet snuggle from her the morning I left!

Check out a few of her new photos…these two girls got their hair done and look soo pretty!  Also, meet the rest of the crew, Rosko and Sterling!  A huge huge THANK YOU to my brother and amazing sister-in-law for caring for Kayla while we were gone – she was in awesome hands and we appreciate it sooo much!

Have a great weekend and Freyday!!!

Jessica Frey Westie photos 1 1024x702 Freyday   Westies!

Jessica Frey Westie photos 2 1024x702 Freyday   Westies!

Jessica Frey Westie photos 3 1024x681 Freyday   Westies!

Jessica Frey Westie photos 4 1024x681 Freyday   Westies!

A sleepy Kylie:Jessica Frey Westie photos 5 1024x681 Freyday   Westies!

Jessica Frey Westie photos 6 1024x681 Freyday   Westies!


ROSKO!!!Jessica Frey Westie photos 7 680x1024 Freyday   Westies!

Jessica Frey Westie photos 8 1024x681 Freyday   Westies!


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Freyday – a Westie Christmas!

December 28, 2012

photo 31 Freyday   a Westie Christmas!

Kayla: The great adventure puppy!  I can only hope my future children some day are this good at posing for me icon wink Freyday   a Westie Christmas!  She was such a great sport this holiday season I’ve decided to devote this entire Freyday post-Christmas blog to her instagram photos!!  Enjoy, and we hope you had a wonderful holiday season!   – Jessica


photo 32 Freyday   a Westie Christmas!

Visting ‘dad’ in the hospital…pet therapy is for her, right?!

photo 34 1024x1024 Freyday   a Westie Christmas!


photo 35 1024x1024 Freyday   a Westie Christmas!

photo 36 1024x1024 Freyday   a Westie Christmas!

She hates her new ‘reindeer’ outfit…..just look at that face!! haha!! Sorry icon wink Freyday   a Westie Christmas!



photo 37 1024x1024 Freyday   a Westie Christmas!

photo 38 1024x1024 Freyday   a Westie Christmas!


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!  We are blessed to be surrounded by so many great family members, friends and past clients!! I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store – and if you or someone you know just got engaged, I’m curently booking with about 8 more dates available!  Contact me today to check availability and get more information!


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Freyday – Holiday Updates!

November 30, 2012

Hey guys!  Happy Freyday!  I know it’s technically the last day of November (and for those of you with husbands with Movember mustaches….how excited are you!?!?!) but we got into the holiday spirit a little early this year and got our tree up and decorated last night!  Probably because I got to photograph our amazing family friends yesterday at a Christmas Tree lot and it sparked my holiday spirit…speaking of….how fun are they?

blogboard3 1024x500 Freyday   Holiday Updates!


Here’s our Christmas Tree…..I remembered to do a ‘Before and After” this year!!  And of course, had Kayla modeling for you….she’s such a photographer’s kid icon wink Freyday   Holiday Updates!

picstitch 2 1024x1024 Freyday   Holiday Updates!Kayla Christmas 2012 Freyday   Holiday Updates!

Isn’t she the most adorable thing ever?!?!  I’ll leave you with this sweet photo – and mention that I’m FINALLY on board with Instagram!  If you want to follow me, I’m ‘jessicafreyphotography‘.

Have a wonderful weekend!  - Jessica

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Freyday – Kayla

April 20, 2012

west highland terrier 08 679x1024 Freyday   Kayla

It’s Freyday!!!  It’s been a little while since my fur-baby Kayla has graced the blog, so since she just got groomed I thought today would be a great day for a quick photo shoot & show off her fresh do icon wink Freyday   Kayla  Thank you to the lovely ladies at Bisquit Boutique for always taking such great care of her!   We just got Kayla a new ball – it’s the little things in life when you’re a dog – and that’s all she wants to play with!

I’d also like to pre-introduce Kayla to any future clients out there!  When we meet at my office, she’s the first to greet you (and may even bark at you through the door just as a burgler precaution)….so don’t mind her bark – unless you’re a burgler reading this….in which case she will bite your face off.  So, as I was saying – Kayla loves to greet new clients and always likes to meet new friends!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend…I’m excited to photograph Hannah & Steven’s wedding tomorrow and can’t wait!

***And if you scroll to the bottom there’s a sneak peek from yesterday’s HS Senior shoot with the fabulously gorgeous Kelsie!***

west highland terrier 07 682x1024 Freyday   Kayla

west highland terrier 06 653x1024 Freyday   Kayla

west highland terrier 05 653x1024 Freyday   Kayla

west highland terrier 04 653x1024 Freyday   Kayla

“Please mom.  Stop taking photos of me and just throw my ball.  Please?!?!”

west highland terrier 03 1024x652 Freyday   Kayla

west highland terrier 02 696x1024 Freyday   Kayla

west highland terrier 01 681x1024 Freyday   Kayla

Check back on Monday to view Kelsie’s HS Senior photo session!

JFP 2283 copy 682x1024 Freyday   Kayla




  • Crystal · Posted April 20, 2012 at 8:41 pm · Link · Reply

    Love your puppy’s bow :) !!! So cute! And, amazing senior portrait!!! Can’t wait to see more!

  • tim lester · Posted April 21, 2012 at 5:45 am · Link · Reply

    My grand-dog continues to look beautiful.

  • Desirae Shigematsu · Posted April 23, 2012 at 7:28 pm · Link · Reply

    Love that Kayla! You got some cute pics…like always.

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Freyday – Surname Fun!

December 2, 2011

This Freyday post has been fun for me to flaunt that “I have my own day…haha, get it? Frey-day…Friday? They sound the same? Get it?”  Yeah, I’m sure 99% of you pronounce it Fray.  And that’s okay – it’s not phonetically spelled…my life would be easier if it was!

So last week during Thanksgiving, I was sitting around with my in-laws and the rest of the Frey boys and for some reason or another it came up that Frey was actually a viking god.  Seriously?  Commence the ipad google search.  Have you ever done that? Google your surname or first name to see what it meant?  Let me tell you – the next hour (yes, hour) this conversation went down I was laughing so hard and the guys were getting pretty excited to hear that they held the history and power of a viking.  Eric the red beard? Norwegian blood line…you bet!

I present you now with our Google findings…be prepared to laugh!

It is also possible that in some instances, the name may be derived from the personal name FREY, which was the name of the Norse god of marriage and fertility. As Thursday was named for Thor’s day, Friday was Frey’s day. 

*SEE!! It is my OWN DAY!! And yea for marriage and being a wedding photographer.  

Frey meaning and name origin

Frey \f-rey\  is of Scandinavian origin, and the meaning of Frey is “lord, exalted one”. In Norse mythology, Frey is the fertility god, and also the most handsome of all the deities.

1126647229GodFreyr Freyday   Freys Day


The Viking god of fertility, peace, and prosperity.
He was one of the Vanir gods, who were responsible for wealth, and the brother of Freya. Among his magical possessions was a sword that he gave to Skirnir, who in return obtained him Gerda, the most beautiful woman in the world, as his wife.

*I think Eric obtained himself the most beautiful woman in the world, right?! haha!
And because I MISS my maiden name I wanted to get in on this conversation so I googled Lester.  And came up empty.  Not much, pretty much the name from the town of Lister.  However, it does say here that it could be an Irish surname!! I knew it!!!

Lester is a Scottish and Irish surname of Gaelic origin, which is a variant of the surname Lister.

  1. English: habitational name from Leicester, named in Old English from the tribal name Ligore (itself adapted from a British river name) + Old English ceaster ‘Roman fort or walled city’ (Latin castra‘legionary camp’).
  2. English (of Norman origin): habitational name from Lestre in Normandy.
  3. English and Scottish: variant of Lister.


And because we just decorated and took our Christmas card photos last night, here’s a sneak peek at my amazingly well behaved Kayla.  She really is SOOO well trained!

JFP 2437 712x1024 Freyday   Freys Day

*Update on the Mentor Sessions! I’m so excited to start working with some ladies next week!  I still have 1 spot available for January, so feel free to contact me with questions or apply here:


  • Stephanie Elizabeth {Fab You Bliss} · Posted December 3, 2011 at 6:07 pm · Link · Reply

    This is fantastic! I love that you’ve found all this. I googled Saul and didn’t find much at all…boo. But yours, that’s pretty amazing!! And again…Kayla is so stinkin’ cute!!!

  • John Farrand · Posted December 7, 2011 at 10:23 am · Link · Reply

    I love the Mickey ornament! :)

    • admin · Posted December 7, 2011 at 10:28 am · Link · Reply

      Niiice catch!! You would see that ;)

  • Desirae Shigematsu · Posted December 14, 2011 at 12:00 am · Link · Reply

    Oh I love her!!! That should be your Christmas card. Can you get Rugsby to do that????

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